Three “must-do” takeaways from content marketing

Whether you’re a new speaker or you’re a pro with a long track record, continuing to build your audience and establish your credibility is a never-ending effort.

Being my first-ever NSA meeting, I didn’t know what to expect. I was able to sit at two of the four expert sessions, but I left wishing I could have participated in all four. What follows are three ideas that any speaker would do well to heed.

The first expert session was Joshua Waldman’s ( talk about maintaining an editorial calendar for your blog.


1.  When writing a blog, consistency = credibility

Joshua Waldman ( shared that there’s no magic number when it comes to the frequency of blog posts. What is most important is that regardless of whether you decide to post once a week, three times a week, or every day, you must be consistent.

As you build your audience, they will grow accustomed to checking your blog as often as you update. If you aren’t reliable and don’t have new posts available when people look for them, they’ll go somewhere else.


2.  Simplify your blog’s focus

Joshua also pointed out that there were three main reasons for writing blog posts–to educate, inspire, or entertain your readers…and that it extremely difficult to accomplish all three. Pick one and learn to do it well.

This doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up occasionally. If you mostly write entertaining content, try writing an educational post the next time. You’ll be able to practice writing different kinds of posts as well as give your readers a new aspect of your blog to experience.

The second session I attended was Thubten’s ( ways to build your audience on social media. Unlike many social media “experts,” he has tens of thousands of followers on LinkedIn and more than 100,000 on Twitter. One important point he drove home was…


3.  Your Twitter bio is actually important when looking to expand your audience!

You Twitter is not just a little blurb about who you are or where you’re from, it’s a way for people to connect with you.

Websites such as will search through Twitter bios and give you a list of people who are in the same field of interest as you…when you want to find people or influencers to follow.

This works the other way too – there are people searching for people like you! You’re losing valuable ways to connect through social media if you don’t use keywords in your bio like Portland blogger, professional speaker, sister, football fan, etc.

Finding people who share interests with you starts conversations and connections, not just sells your products.

I had a great time at my first NSA Oregon meeting, and I hope I can continue to learn more as I get the opportunity to attend other meetings!


Today’s post comes from Claire Hardin, graduate student in professional and technical writing at Portland State University. Claire works for NSA Oregon incoming President Roger Courville (


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