Graeme Newell’s insight into the world of emotional marketing prepares brands to boost revenue and loyalty with powerful messaging that makes a connection.

Rise above the competition. Capture greater market share. Better yet, capture hearts with emotional marketing strategies proven to take any brand’s status to the next level. Uncover secret methods used by top brands to connect with customers on an emotional level. Graeme Newell helps marketers elevate their messaging to reach customers where it counts.

Who is Emotional Marketing Guru Graeme Newell?

Strategy obsessed, highly energetic and full of humor, Graeme Newell is an emotional marketing researcher. He dives deep into the campaigns of top brands to capture the essence of making a personal connection with customers. Graeme dissects wildly successful campaigns to gain insight into emotional marketing best practices that can be applied to any industry.

Graeme Newell and his team operate 602 Communications which is dedicated to helping brands acquire and retain lifelong customers. The company specializes in speaking, workshops, consulting and research. Graeme’s client roster includes Disney, Medtronic, ESPN and Sony proving that emotional marketing techniques are easily translated to any industry.

Graeme Newell Emotional Marketing Workshops: What to Expect

An engaging speaker with fresh, relevant content, Graeme Newell brings an unprecedented level of enthusiasm to each event. His workshops are tailored to the audience to which he is speaking. Additionally, Graeme always reviews top brands and analyzes how each brand achieves an emotional connection with audiences.

Graeme’s presence at conferences, meetings and workshops benefits brand employees across departments. His tools and strategies are used within sales, marketing and product development teams to define and refine brand goals. Ultimately, Graeme’s advice and expertise has helped brands bolster their market position, gain new customers and cement lasting customer relationships.

3 Tenets of Achieving an Emotional Connection with Customers

Through his workshops and speaking engagements, Graeme breaks down the main components of any successful emotional marketing campaign. These are best described with the acronym AMP:

  • Audience. It’s impossible to make an emotional connection with someone when you don’t know who they are. Graeme is a firm believer in the creation and research of buyer personas to pinpoint customer needs, wants and passions.
  • Messaging. Whether targeting moms, athletes or men with a marketing campaign, a balance must be struck between messaging and storytelling. Graeme imparts his knowledge of both to help attendees apply messaging best practices to their brand’s marketing efforts.
  • Positioning. Graeme closes the loop by discussing how brands effectively position themselves and their marketing messages to achieve the greatest reach.

Graeme conveys how emotional marketing makes a lasting, personal impact on customers when brands utilize his team’s expertise, tools and strategies.

Bring Brand Messaging to the Heart of Customers with Graeme Newell’s Expertise in Emotional Marketing

Go beyond traditional marketing to reach customers with strategic brand messaging that digs its heels into the audience’s psyche. Learn how to use emotional marketing to drive sales, boost brand loyalty and turn average customers into lifelong brand cheerleaders. Learn more about Graeme Newell and view clips from previous speaking engagements by visiting 602 Communications or book him for an upcoming event.