Brand development is all about trust – building trust with customers or clients, your staff, and your prospects. Earning that trust can be a long and expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. Jerry Fletcher, a.k.a. the Brand Poobah, knows the shortcut to make the leap from a stranger to a trusted advisor and he brings that information to his audiences through his renowned 30-Second Marketing Shortcut to Trust and Secrets of a Networking Ninja presentations.

Who is Jerry Fletcher?

As the founder and principle of Z-axis Marketing, Inc. based in Portland, Oregon, Jerry Fletcher is an established and respected thought leader in the field of trust-based marketing. Prior to launching Z-axis Marketing in 1990, Jerry served as a CEO of Portland’s largest B2B advertising agency, where he delivered strategic assistance to enterprises ranging in size from start-ups to multi-national Fortune 500s.

Jerry has a proven track record when it comes to funding and sales results, having raised more than a half-million dollars for a startup in just 17 days. He also boosted the Q1 sales of a consulting firm by a staggering $1.2 million dollars with a single suggestion, and he initiated changes to a software company’s CRM system that led to a 400 percent increase in sales over 18 months. His advice regularly doubles revenues for independent professionals.

What To Expect From A Networking Ninja Presentation

Your brand is your business – without your brand, you simply can’t expect to achieve sustainable long-term success. At the heart of every brand is trust – it’s what sets your company, product or service apart from the competition.

Jerry sees Brand as an expression of trust – the greater the trust, the better the business performs. During a presentation, Jerry shares his wealth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge to help you build trust in your brand in a way that is actionable, measurable, and accessible, whether you operate a start-up, small business, or large company.

Jerry is available as a Keynote Speaker as well as for breakout sessions and workshops throughout Oregon, across the United States, and internationally.

He offers a number of interactive presentations. His 30-Second Marketing program trains you to quickly and accurately read your prospects from the moment you first meet.Jerry will share his secrets to transforming your tired old ‘elevator pitch’ into a powerful, trust-building conversation that will help you achieve real results for your enterprise. This is his most popular program, and it can be tailored to the unique needs of your association or corporation.

Learn the lucrative and proven secrets of one of the nation’s most experienced and qualified ‘rainmakers’, Jerry Fletcher, the Brand Poobah. Jerry is also available for coaching and consultation on a retainer basis for a minimum of six months, which is a popular follow-up option for companies which engage his speaking services.

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