Do you believe you can make a difference? Allison Clarke does. As a motivational speaker, she’s dedicated to helping you find how you can make a difference. She’ll inspire your team to take action. And she’ll take you outside your comfort zone to accomplish things you never thought you could do.

Who Is Motivational Speaker Allison Clarke?

With 20 years of experience in leadership training, Allison challenges herself and others to break through barriers. Her own journey began at Whittier College with her business administration degree with a marketing emphasis. At the Dale Carnegie Corporation, she became a Master Trainer. Her 16 years there grounded her in training everything from leadership to public speaking and team building.

Alison has been awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation, something less than 12 percent of speakers attain. She’s also the past president of the Oregon National Speaking Association.

Allison is known for creating an environment that enhances each person’s potential. She challenges others to set inspirational goals and then accomplish them. She’s a great role model for this as she constantly challenges herself to accomplish triathlons, sky diving, authoring books, and more. Her clients include Intel, Kroger, Dick Hannah Dealerships, and many more.

What Happens at an Allison Clarke Speaking or Coaching Event?

Allison brings all her skills and training to every event, no matter your focus. She customizes each program to your organization’s needs, so you always walk away with a clear benefit. Each workshop and event is interactive and unique, building enthusiasm among your team and sending them home with new skills.

Learn how to run efficient meetings her four-hour hands-on workshop. Allison uses video, peer review and coaching to help you understand how to keep your agenda moving.

If you want to present yourself at your best, Allison can help you build your personal brand. You can look confident in any circumstance as you develop people skills that transcend the podium. Learn how to end your presentations well and how to get people to remember what you said.

Allison Clarke as Your Keynote Speaker

When you invite Allison to keynote your event, she challenges you to make your current reality better. Allison drives your team to achieve their full potential with no regrets. She trains leaders in helping others to seek out and live up to their potential as well. Her belief that every person makes a difference shines through in every talk. In the end, she inspires you to be the person who makes the difference in someone else’s life.

Allison views every problem you face as one that involves people — which means the solution involves people. She brings this unique perspective to her keynotes, with talks about kindness and customer relationships. Allison is an ideal choice when you’re struggling with customer loyalty.

Want to Be the Person Who Makes a Difference? Hire Motivational Speaker Allison Clarke Today

Whether you want to inspire your team or brush up your presentation skills, hiring Allison Clarke makes the difference you need. Her interactive, practical workshops send you home ready to put new leadership skills into practice. Contact her today at 503.318.4517 for more information and to check availability. You can also visit Allison’s website to see how she can help you make a difference.