When you think about great leaders, what qualities stand out? Do you see memorable leaders as having some sort of inherent advantage, skills, or wisdom that sets them apart?

If you’re Steven Fulmer, you see great leaders as otherwise ordinary people who have made a deliberate choice to shake up the status quo, have the courage to take action that often defies widely-held standards, and most of all is willing to speak truth to inspire positive change.

In short, Steven Fulmer believes that real Leadership is Heresy, and that every one of us has the inherent ability to be a strong, powerful leader. He sees a heretic in the young boy who stands up to bullying at his school; the employee who takes a stand for workplace safety; the boss who shakes things up at the monthly board meeting.

Steven sees leadership not as what we do to others, but as making the choice to stand up, take action, and believe in ourselves and our ability to achieve our personal and professional dreams.

Who Is Steven Fulmer?

At a young age, Steven Fulmer discovered his passion for business, launching his own real estate photography company when he was 16. From there. he moved on to pursue, and achieve, almost every single dream he had, including being the first in his family to graduate from college, becoming an accomplished sailor and aviator, finding true love and raising a beautiful family, and rising to the ranks of a corporate VP by age 35, where he helped grow the annual revenue from $300,000 to over $10 million.

During his 30+ years as an entrepreneur and business leader, Steven has clearly learned how to take control of his own destiny, and during that time he has honed his coaching, public speaking, and selling skills. He has worked with top-tier organizations such as Providence Health & Services, Food Services of America, Choice Hotels, and the American Automobile Association.

What To Expect From A Steve Fulmer Presentation

Steven offers a range of programs, keynote speeches, and presentations that will encourage, enliven, and inspire his audiences to take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

Always honest, relevant, and highly engaging, Steven’s focus is always on helping others develop their inner leader. Expect to have your ingrained ideas about who, and what, a leader is challenged at a Steven Fulmer event. You’ll leave with a clear direction, purpose, and appreciation for what it takes to be a truly effective leader.

Steven is also available for consultation, coaching and in-depth personal training programs that use dynamic tools and proven models to bring the theories of Multiple-Dimensions of Leadership to Life in order to meet leaders where they are today, and give them the information they need to move forward.

Ready To Seize Your Inner Leader? Book Steven Fulmer For Your Next Event or Training Session

To book Steven for your next event, contact him here or by calling 503-806-0527. Steven is based in Portland, Oregon, and is available for engagements both locally and nationwide.