It takes something special to be a superhero, and over the years, MBA Kedma Ough has been bringing that special something to her work with clients all over the country. From help with funding and advice for new businesses to years-long advocacy, Kedma has earned the cape she wears.

Motivational speaker, consultant and lifelong advocate for those who need her, Kedma Ough is the cape-wearing superhero small businesses need when the world’s super villains are at work. Falling back on her background as an MBA and small business owner herself, Kedma has spent years building special relationships with startups, inventors and small business entrepreneurs all over the country. Thankfully for the rest of the business community, she’s bundled up the lessons she’s learned from her work and now speaks before crowds numbering in the hundreds and business events where an informative and inspirational keynote speaker is the superhero small and medium-size businesses need.

Who Is Kedma Ough?

Kedma Ough is a nationally recognized and award-winning expert in business development and funding. Not content with securing funding and giving professional advice to her limited circle of full-time clients, she now tours the country giving talks in one of her trademark capes.

Kedma specializes in innovation and entrepreneurship, specifically among startups and small businesses. She also offers insight from the world of mom-and-pop tech firms and corner-store financial services markets to bigger players in the finance and corporate world. As an adviser and SBA Champion of Small Business, she has made a career out of talking to the economic upstarts who make most of the progress in America’s economy, and of helping them in ways only a superhero could manage. She also teaches, speaks and occasionally walks the streets wearing a cape.

What Is a Small Business Superhero?

Kedma has learned as much or more from her clients as her clients have learned from her over the years. One lesson that has stuck with her is that the world is full of superheros in disguise; those professionals who seemingly come from nowhere and deliver way more than their clients could have expected.

Kedma believes that being a small business superhero is all about how you’re perceived by the people whose lives you’ve affected. Sometimes, the superhero tag is earned by simply doing what the client has asked for — such as putting together a business plan and helping secure funding for a new startup — and sometimes by going the extra mile, or two, or 100. Her ideas about superhero advocacy for small business owners can be (and are) summed up in her speaking programs. Kedma offer several of these, but they all drive home the same central ideas:

  • Understanding your key power
  • Cultivating that power
  • Defending your key power
  • Assessing superheroes
  • Analyzing your villains

Under this rubric, Kedma equips her audience members with actionable tools they can use to run their businesses with the energy and the optimism small companies need if they’re going to thrive in tight markets. Many of her corporate and medium-size clients ask her to speak because of the immediate benefits of the superhero approach, notably:

  • Improved company unity
  • Accountability for personal and corporate success
  • To inspire more champions
  • The embrace of cultural diversity
  • Strategic identification and challenging of harmful negativity

Programs Kedma Offers Her Clients

Unsurprisingly, Kedma’s ideas aren’t limited to what fits in a single endnote session. That’s why she offers four main, and totally customizable, programs for her audiences. These run between 60 and 90 minutes, most work as endnote or keynote sessions, and all can be tailored to audiences as diverse as large banks and lemonade stands. Kedma’s programs are:

  • Keynote Superhero Session: The 5 Key Principles to Becoming a Superhero
  • Keynote Intrapreneurship Session: Transforming into an Intrapreneurship-­Driven Organization
  • Keynote Innovation Session: How to Analyze the Next Great Idea?
  • Keynote Entrepreneurship Session: Building a Small Business that Produces Big Results

Kedma Ough has made a life out of helping small operators get by, and helping get-by entrepreneurs get big, using her small business superhero approach to funding and innovation. To book her lively and fun approach for your event, or to hop on board as one of her clients, reach out to her through her website and tell her you need a superhero.

And, don’t forget, stay tune for Kedma’s latest book coming soon. The book is being published by McGraw Hill and the audio book by Record Books.

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