From Stuck To Unstoppable
Do you want a stronger, more committed team? Are you having trouble managing conflict productively? Is something preventing you and your company from achieving its true potential? Professional speaker and executive development expert Dan McArthur helps you understand and overcome your obstacles, fulfill your personal potential, and become indispensable. Gain the insight you need to effectively lead by example, creating a healthy, motivated corporate culture that performs.

Who Is Executive Development Speaker Dan McArthur?
As an organizational psychologist, Dan has been working with owners and top executives for more than 30 years. He brings a wealth of practical insight to his work in coaching, speaking, and organizational assessment.

Dan’s two master’s degrees — in organizational leadership and industrial and organizational psychology — infuse his presentations with depth and professional wisdom.

Dan has decades of experience as a speaker focusing on business culture, teamwork, conflict management, and executive development. As a member of the National Speakers Association, he’s in great demand throughout the country.

Dan started his consulting firm InsideOut Impact in 1999, empowering leaders and their teams from the inside out. As he evolved so did his business, and in 2017 he rebranded as McArthur Executive Development.

What Happens at a Dan McArthur Executive Development Event?
Dan challenges individuals and groups to honestly assess the obstacles they face and guides them to discover transformational change. Incorporating humorous stories and movie clips to illustrate his points, he motivates you to realize your true potential.

Because Dan believes transformation happens from the inside out, you’ll find yourself engaged in facilitated small group discussions and activities that challenge and stimulate. You’ll leave with the tools necessary to cultivate a corporate culture that inspires healthy relationships and delivers peak performance.

Dan’s approachable style and unique talent for entertaining any size group puts audiences immediately at ease. When people are comfortable with a speaker they are more likely to invest in the experience and leave with the tools and knowledge they need to manifest results. It’s no surprise that he consistently gets top reviews from audience members.

Executive Development That Moves Your Organization Forward
Dan has an innate ability to pinpoint key areas that are obstructing harmony and preventing growth. When executives and employees enjoy healthy working relationships, opportunities for corporate change abound. Dan encourages honest self-reflection and resilience.

Executives learn how to deal with and manage challenges such as workplace conflict and leadership burnout, providing tools that breakthrough barriers and move companies toward productivity and joy.

In addition, Dan helps leaders understand and develop a successional culture by engaging the millennial generation and unlocking their talents.

Ready to Take Your Executive Development to the Next Level? Hire Motivational Speaker Dan McArthur Today
Invite motivational speaker Dan McArthur and equip your executives with the tools they need to create a healthy corporate culture and create lasting and impactful change. Dan customizes presentations to suit each client’s needs. Some examples of challenges executives face in today’s corporate environment include:

  • Resilience: Staying in The Game Until You Find a Way Through
  • Leading Through Conflict Management
  • Hidden Treasure: The Unexpected Value of Engaging & Retaining Millennials
  • Updraft Leaders in A Downdraft World

Contact Dan at 360.576.0470 for information and availability. You can also learn more by visiting Dan’s website.