In this sensitive world full of #MeToo nightmares and angry or irrational customers, do your people know what to do when faced with verbal or physical confrontation? Are your employees adequately trained to deal with escalating situations?

Assertive communication skills, effective de-escalation techniques, and awareness are key to reducing workplace harassment, whether from colleagues or patrons/customers.
It starts by creating a team culture that is supportive from the mailroom up and the boardroom down. Michele Maupin, a conflict resolution expert with nearly 20 years of leadership expertise, is a trusted resource for companies wanting a more engaged, confident, communicative staff.

Who is Empowered Speaker Michele Maupin?
Michele Maupin is the founder of Empowered, LLC, and a Karate Black belt who found herself afraid of confrontation when faced with an intimidating encounter in downtown Portland, Oregon in 2007. She created the Empowered program to share the tools she discovered to deal with conflict with confidence instead of fear.

Michele is known for helping organizations enhance communication and safety, reducing burn out and increasing cohesiveness amongst team members. Through her humorous, lively, and interactive speaking and training programs, Michele offers memorable easy-to-apply techniques that your employees can use right away.

Michele’s expertise spans a diverse array of industries, and the outcomes of her program can be applied in every work environment. Organizations bring Michele in when any of the following are true:

  • #MeToo and Workplace harassment are concerns in the workplace
  • Employees rely on management to solve interpersonal problems
  • Workers face customers or patrons displaying rude behaviors and derogatory language
  • There are clashes and silos among staff members
  • Your best people are moving on due to stress and burnout

Michele Maupin’s Team Conflict Resolution Philosophy:
To make any team more effective and confident, employers must incorporate the F.A.C.T.S. as part of their team culture:

  • Feedback (the expectation of constructive feedback from peers)
  • Awareness (understanding diversity and inclusion in all interactions)
  • Consistency (everyone knows what to expect from each other)
  • Team Dynamics (A supportive team, offering and asking for help as needed)
  • Safety (buy-in that everyone is responsible for safety in the workplace)

The principles she teaches are applied in public service, healthcare settings, retail environments, real estate firms, and corporations across the country.

Increased Awareness & Communication Skills with Michele Maupin
Empower your staff to smile even on the difficult days, improve customer experience, effectively communicate with each other, and exchange burnout for focus on giving their best toward your company mission.

Learn more about Michele’s organization, Empowered LLC, by visiting the website. To schedule Michele as a keynote speaker, email or call 503-764-5013 for availability.