Everybody faces some kind of stress in life, and helping people get past it is a growth industry for anyone who can see the lighter side of life. Funny man and Hall-of-Fame motivational speaker Tim Gard has done just that for decades, working with audiences of all sizes and from all over the world.

Who Is Tim Gard?

Tim Gard is an internationally recognized authority on stress reduction and management who got his start in life as an analyst in the USDA’s Food Stamp program. Perhaps not surprisingly, that’s where he developed his ideas about “compassion fatigue,” and the role work plays in bogging people down with stress.

Over the last 20 years, Tim has flown over a million miles and spoken to tens of thousands of people about his Chicken Feet for the Soul approach to anticipating and dealing with stressful situations and events. He maintains an active work and travel calendar that’s packed with motivational speeches to business and government groups large and small. He also conducts workshops and training events for his fellow motivational speakers, both funny and not-funny alike.

What Does Tim Gard Do?

All of Tim’s programs follow a similar and easy-to-adapt framework that he’s successfully tailored to groups all over the world. His approach works for most, if not all, types of workplace, lifestyle and situational stress, and the Chicken Feet for the Soul approach he has pioneered provides tools for diverse individuals to manage and overcome challenges in their personal and professional lives.

Over the years, Tim has honed his appearances down to a fine art. His events — where he can fill in as anything from a featured keynote speaker or event emcee, to a workshop coordinator and/or guy on the stage when you need one — are usually high-energy and full of useful information people can take home with them.

People can also take home some of Tim’s merchandise, such as his fun and informative books and motivational DVDs. Audience members who like what Tim has to offer can also splurge on his offbeat line of EX-Stressories. These include a bag of marbles (which you can lose, you see), a plastic spoon that looks like somebody spilled ice cream and that makes a fantastic seat saver, as well as a surprising variety of novelty eyeglasses.

Humor as a Speakers’ Medium

As his shop inventory would suggest, Tim takes on life’s problems with a light touch that can literally save the sanity of the chronically stressed individuals who need it. Without making light of serious tragedies, Tim can help people in his audiences see the lighter side of what they’re up against, and to take steps in advance to anticipate and buffer themselves against future stress.

Tim’s Chicken Feet for the Soul take on things has won him wide acclaim among his fellow motivational speakers and stress coaches for being a novel and highly effective approach to dealing with stress. Using nothing but his wits and a rubber chicken (seriously), Tim has effectively boiled down ideas from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and prepared easily remembered talking points almost anyone can start using as soon as they get home from one of his events. This blend of real psychology and peppy, fun delivery has made Tim one of the biggest names in the motivational speaking and business workshop field for decades.

Are You Putting Together an Event? Tim Makes Everything More Fun

Over the years, Tim Gard has appeared before audiences of private and public sector employees, government workers, military personnel, Fortune 500 executives who could use a laugh, and the occasional Australian. If you’re putting together an event that could use his peculiar brand of lively and encouraging talk — or if you’re a speaker yourself and would like to learn a few things from one of the authorities in the field — Tim can be reached through his website. He would also welcome a few more subscriptions to his Chicken Feet for the Soul newsletter, and he would especially like to spend less time watching his chicken get patted down by airport security.