Motivational Speaker Ron Black Helps Leadership and Sales Pros Tap Into Their Inner Superhero

What do superheroes and effective leaders have in common? Both tap into their unique powers and the powers of others to achieve success. Every sales and management professional has superpowers buried within. Great leadership requires finding those powers in oneself and others. Motivational speaker Ron Black brings out the superhero in his audiences.

Who is Leadership Speaker Ron Black?
A founder of nine successful businesses and a former Fortune 500 vice president, Ron Black understands leadership. In 1988, after years of business success, he started his company, The Mentor Group, to teach others how to lead. His workshops instill participants with both confidence and competence. People walk out better sales and management professionals than they came in.

Ron’s programs are fun-filled, educational and inspiring. He drives achievement at all levels of an organization, from sales professionals to CEOs.

Teams learn how to engage with each other and work as a cohesive unit. Sales managers learn to motivate reps positively and productively. Salespeople find the drive and inner fortitude to plow through rejection and sell more than ever. Indeed, Ron is more than a motivational speaker. He is a teacher, coach, mentor, teammate, and motivator, all in one.

What Happens at a Ron Black Sales and Leadership Workshop?
Ron Black is not a typical motivational speaker. Most people have been to those and left disappointed. A typical speaker fires up the crowd with frenetic speech and platitudes and decrees to “Sell, sell, sell!” But once the adrenaline wears off, participants are left with little to no actionable knowledge.

Ron’s workshops draw on real-world knowledge, things that have worked for him in his decades of success. They are also interactive. Far from being passive listeners, participants jump in with both feet, taking part in the activities.

Ron teaches how to identify profitable campaigns and dominate them. He shows participants how to cut out noise and focus on results. For teams, he offers easy-to-implement strategies that reduce friction and let teammates’ talents build off one another.

The Ron Black Leadership Motto: Trust Your CAPE
Famous superheroes such as Superman and Batman wear capes. Everyday superheroes, the kind who dominate sales and are first-rate leaders, embrace a different sort of cape. It stands for Clarity, Action, Purpose and Enthusiasm.

  • Clarity: Identify the goal, define it clearly, and get everyone on the same page.
  • Action: With a defined goal in place, take action on it and keep moving.
  • Purpose: Every action in business should have a purpose. Make sure that purpose always aligns with the goal.
  • Enthusiasm: Are leaders and sales reps just going through the motions, or do they have enthusiasm? It is much harder to reach a goal that one is not passionate about.

Motivational speaker Ron Black teaches the CAPE process through real-world examples and hands-on learning.

Want to Build Your Sales and Leadership Skills? Hire Motivational Speaker Ron Black Today
Unleash your superpowers by hiring motivational speaker Ron Black. His results-driven sales and leadership workshop can take your business to the next level. Call 800-381-8686 for information and availability. You can also visit Ron’s website.

As the founder of several companies, a four-time turnaround executive, a Fortune 500 marketing VP, and a business advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives, Ron Black delivers ideas that enlighten, tools that energize, and skills that transform intentions into meaningful achievement.