Life Happens! Let Jake French Tell You About It

Consumers have more choices and greater access to information than ever. That means maintaining high patient satisfaction scores is crucial. Beyond giving excellent care, healthcare providers must create a top-notch patient experience. After all, healthcare is a people business. Jake French understands this from both sides. Having experienced adversity in his own life, he knows the importance of having a compassionate healthcare team. French uses his experience as a model for others. His programs give healthcare providers the motivation and strategies to achieve high patient satisfaction scores.

A motivational speaker and leadership coach for healthcare professionals, Jake French keeps businesses moving forward in the face of adversity. His positive approach comes from his own experience beating the odds. In his time around healthcare professionals, he has learned what matters from the patient’s perspective. Now, he helps medical professionals develop a better understanding of what influences a patient’s perception of their care.

Who Is Healthcare Motivation Expert Jake French?

Fresh out of college, Jake French had the world by the tail. Armed with a degree and his dream job as a forester, he was ready to leave his mark. What he didn’t know, though, is that he would end up leaving it in a much different way than anticipated.

French’s life changed in an instant when a spinal cord injury left him a quadriplegic. For a young man with such a bright future ahead of him, the injury was devastating. But French decided early after his injury that loss of mobility did not have to equal loss of life. And so began a lengthy, often grueling recovery process.

French spent many months in close contact with doctors and medical professionals. With his front-row seat to the healthcare industry, he observed things few people ever see. He had the privilege of receiving care from those who eased his journey in significant ways. He also had many opportunities to note where drastic improvements were needed.

What sprung from French’s courageous road to recovery was a unique business model. He now leads motivation workshops and keynote speeches for healthcare professionals. French’s goal is to show providers how to improve patient experiences at zero cost.

Being a spinal cord injury survivor gave French new insight on measuring healthcare success. Yes, data points and quantifiable outcomes still matter — patients want to recover and get their lives back. But there is a human side too. Healthcare providers often see people at their most vulnerable. Their personal impact on patients facing adversity makes as big a difference as the treatment they prescribe.

What Types of Programs Does Jake French Offer?

Jake French offers several programs to fit his customers’ needs. They all share a goal: improving healthcare outcomes through compassion, personal care and better patient experiences.

Innovative Strategies to Improve Patient Experience

In today’s technology-driven world, patients know more about healthcare providers than ever. So maintaining top patient satisfaction scores is critical.

Jake French has received more medical care than most people do in several lifetimes. So he can offer a valuable perspective on patient satisfaction. His model for others comes from his own life experiences. He knows it is often the subtle personal touches that make the difference between an adequate and an outstanding provider. French shows how to incorporate these touches in a healthcare practice.

French focuses on strategies that do not require additional investments of time or resources. By implementing his tactics, providers can boost patient satisfaction without spending money.

Leading Your Team to a Culture of Compassion

Delivering the best patient care starts with the company culture. Are patients viewed as contributors to the bottom line or as valuable lives to be changed?

Jake French has seen firsthand how culture affects the patient experience. He offers specific strategies to connect with patients and promote better outcomes. Through hands-on learning, French shows how to let go of outdated mindsets and embrace fresh thinking.

Participants leave knowing how to lift up others around them — patients and fellow team members alike.

Life Happens. Live It!

When people meet Jake French, they first notice his unfailingly positive attitude. Having been through such trying life circumstances, how does he remain so optimistic? And how has this optimism helped him turn tragedy into a rich, uplifting life experience?

These are the secrets Jake French teaches in this program. He shows how to take control of life rather than simply reacting to it. He teaches how to turn negative thinking into positive action. Participants walk away with greater resilience and the ability to face life’s inevitable challenges.

Gain the Motivation to Change Your Healthcare Business. Call Jake French Today

Adversity is a fact of life that affects everyone. The best healthcare professionals connect with the people they serve to make them feel like they have a partner during these times and help them get their lives back. Jake French can show you how to do this even better. Call 541-993-3359 for information and availability.

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Jake French is the author of Life Happens: Live It!. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and past president of the Oregon Chapter. Jake is a full-time keynote speaker and is the very definition of inspiration, teaching what fuels it and the strategies you can use to leverage it. Jake’s personal story of a life-altering injury and how he now rocks the stage teaching groups about inspiration is amazing.