Being kind and generous benefits society at large. But can it also increase a business’s productivity and even its bottom line? The answer is, perhaps surprisingly, yes, and Kindness Catalyst Linda Cohen can show you how.

Professional speaker and author Linda Cohen teaches companies, associations and nonprofit groups the economic benefits of kindness. Being kind not only makes one a better person. At the business level, it can boost productivity and profitability.

It might sound easy — just start being nicer to people. But business is complex. Corporate politics and the unremitting pursuit of revenue can undermine even the most sincere attempt to focus on kindness. Linda Cohen teaches how to have it both ways — a culture of kindness and a fat bottom line.

Who Is Kindness Catalyst Linda Cohen?

For over 10 years, Linda Cohen has been a professional speaker and author. Her focus is teaching business leaders to improve their bottom line through kindness. In 2011 she published a book, 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and Change Your Life.

Cohen has carved out a unique niche in public speaking and leadership training: The Economy of Kindness. Plenty of motivational speakers claim to hold the secrets to untapped business success. Cohen also understands the role that kindness plays. For Cohen, being kind is not just a social imperative; it is the linchpin to success.

Cohen does not merely advance hazy theories about how being nicer to people makes one more money. Using data and case studies, she shows how a kindness culture can transform a company inside and out. Business leaders leave Cohen’s programs with an abundance of new, actionable ideas.

Company owners and managers learn how to boost teamwork and productivity through kindness. Employees improve their personal interactions and customer service. Professionals at all organizational levels discover the benefits of being kind, authentic, even vulnerable.

Linda Cohen is a true leader and mentor who teaches straightforward ideas backed by years of experience.

What Types of Programs Does Linda Cohen Offer?

Cohen offers three unique workshops, each catered to a different audience. But they share two essential traits: they are highly interactive and full of immediately actionable content.

The Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line

This one-hour program is ideal for companies, associations and nonprofits. Cohen draws on her successful background in fundraising, volunteering and authoring a book on the culture of kindness. Using concrete examples, she shows how kindness leads to improvements in teamwork and company culture. This, in turn, results in better customer service and sales numbers and, ultimately, a stronger bottom line.

By implementing Cohen’s strategies, companies can also enjoy lower turnover and a more uplifting work environment.

Jewels of the Journey

Although this one-hour program can help any business professional, it is most popular among those in education and healthcare. Women’s organizations and other advocacy groups also find substantial value in it.

Cohen teaches how to give other humans what they want by understanding what is important to them. This knowledge unlocks major potential, as one’s value to others increases when one can offer something needed. What people want in human interaction ultimately comes down to three things: belonging, connection and authenticity.

Jewels of the Journey participants leave more capable of connecting with others on a deep level. They have better listening skills and know how to ask the right question to get others to open up. They learn to engage in kindness in ways that build trust and foster stronger personal and professional relationships.

1,000 Drops of Kindness

One can develop kindness at any age. But like everything else, when it is instilled at an early age, it is more likely to stick.

With this understanding, Cohen developed her 1,000 Drops of Kindness program, aimed at elementary schools. Cohen teaches children how to promote kindness and build love and understanding among classmates.

The program is interactive and often finishes with a peace pole planting on school grounds. Teachers, parents and kids have reported positive results from participating in 1,000 Drops of Kindness.

Want to Install a Stronger Culture of Kindness in Your Company and Increase Your Bottom Line? Hire Linda Cohen Today

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Linda Cohen is a professional speaker, presentation coach and the author of 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and Change Your Life. Linda presents to organizations and businesses on the Economy of Kindness. She is the President Elect for the Oregon Chapter of the National Speakers Association.