If you are a speaker, or would like to become one, NSA Oregon is dedicated to assisting you with all of your business and  career goals. Whether you are just getting started, or are a veteran breaking into new markets and fee ranges, there is a goldmine of value waiting for you at NSA Oregon!

Your membership in NSA gives you:

  • professional development
  • a support community
  • networking & partnering opportunities
  • leadership opportunities
  • platform competencies
  • business development strategies
  • professional recognition
  • exposure

Members of the National Speakers Association are truly the cream of the crop in the speaking industry. To become a full member, documentation must be provided to NSA proving that you have received payment for 20 speeches within a 12 month period. Please visit the NSA national site and request the official application form. If you require any assistance, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Kevin McCarthy at 503-427-9195 or email info@nsaoregon.org.

New to speaking?

What if you’re not currently a speaker? Have you dreamed about sharing that special message to others from the platform? If you are interested on embarking on one of the most exciting, rewarding, and fascinating careers of the 21st century, NSA Oregon has an entire two-year program designed just for you! Whether you have never spoken in front of a group in your life, or just need some extra information and motivation to ‘get rolling’, the NSA Oregon Speaker Academy Program can teach you everything you need, everything from how to develop the most effective platform skills to how to form a successful marketing plan. Contact Kevin McCarthy at 503-427-9195 or email info@nsaoregon.org.

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