In an increasingly competitive economy, businesses that stay on the cutting edge succeed. Those that get behind the curve, by contrast, flounder. To thrive in today’s climate, leaders must make the most of their resources – especially their people – all their people!

But how, exactly, does one do that? With everything in constant flux, how can business owners and leaders stay focused on all the crucial issues they face?

They focus on developing their own and their people’s skills.

How do they identify and execute strategies that will lead to long-term success?

The best way to learn anything is to pay attention to those who have done it successfully. For a business leader or manager looking to be the best at what he or she does, the ideal resource is someone who has led, trained and coached multiple successful teams, organizations and projects herself — both in nonprofit, for-profit and local government.

Trainer, facilitator, speaker and speech coach Jan Carothers works with entrepreneurs, as well as business, nonprofit and government professionals to become exceptional leaders in their fields. Through a range of customized services, she energizes and guides organizations, companies and professional firms to establish themselves as “employers, partners and suppliers of choice.” Drawing from her 30-year body of work, she provides roadmaps of communication, leadership and teamwork strategies; and has used them to help hundreds of dedicated leaders and teams flourish together and win at their high-stakes endeavors.

According to Jan, by broad attention to their external and internal communications and customer service any organization or firm, regardless of size, can become a “go-to” provider for its products or services. In doing so, they will attract and retain exceptional employees, contractors, clients and customers

Who Is Jan Carothers and How Does She Deliver Results for Businesses and Organizations?

The founder and president of Carothers, Bornefeld & Associates, Inc. a northwest communications consulting firm, Jan Carothers has been offering leadership, communication and customer service training, facilitation, and speech coaching, for nearly 30 years.

Jan has spent her life in professional service and leadership positions and trains and coaches others to be positively memorable leaders and communicators.

In addition to management, her background includes Executive Recruiting in which she supported client C-suite executives and senior managers to identify, attract and hire exceptional employees. She is co-author of “Hiring Champions, with Paul Werder.”

Her programs train managers and team leaders, executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs on how to lead by example and bring out the best in their people.

Jan knows that a company’s culture resonates from the top down. Strong, effective leaders run thriving organizations filled with high performers. Lackluster leaders, on the other hand, often oversee businesses that flounder and excellent employees who flee to other opportunities.

How can facilitation services assist organization or business success?

In addition to offering her own speaking and training services to educate and motivate business leaders, Jan also offers facilitation services for planning, strategy, decision making and conflict resolution services as well. Such events support leaders and team members at all levels to connect, listen engage, challenge and draw out  excellence from themselves and others. Whether for public involvement, or bringing together divergent individuals, groups, teams or divisions, the presence of a professional facilitator allows leaders to participate fully in such activities and be perceived as providing a balanced neutral leader to design and deliver skillfully crafted participation event, with a safe professional atmosphere and assist people to come together to examine an resolve any communication issues that impede working well together.

As a facilitator, Jan also provides communication support and structures resulting in broad-based and effective decision-making to accomplish a brighter future

Speaking Services From Leadership Authority Jan Carothers

Jan Carothers’s speaking workshop participants learn much more than how to stand behind a lectern and dazzle the audience with a powerful oration. Today’s business, non-profit, professional and local government leaders must be effective speakers in a host of settings, and Jan understands this. Her workshops and coaching cater to each client, helping them speak more memorably and effectively to reach their specific goals .

Participants leave Jan’s speaking workshops able to speak more confidently, and even enjoying it. Having such confidence and the power to speak persuasively translates into success in high-stakes interviews and presentations in person, live online, and through social media. She builds each workshop individually, as well. Clients can be assured they are receiving up-to-date and personalized speaking training.

Jan Carothers’s Speech Coaching

When Jan’s clients are faced with a really important speaking opportunity, or their new promotion requires much more public communication they often decide they need more individual attention to reach their goals. These high stakes presentations often call for her speech coaching programs.

Clients work one-on-one with your own speech coach to tackle whatever issues stand in your way of making compelling presentations. Participants learn about stylistic techniques, such as  syntax, verbal, para-verbal such as voice inflection, non-verbal as well as cultural elements. They also come to understand the deeper aspects of great speech, such as how to forge a connection with each audience. Most important, through crafting through polishing and a structured and supportive rehearsal process, clients find they know their message so well they can genuinely focus on forging a vibrant connection with their audience members.  

In Jan Carothers’s Leadership Coaching Program, Leaders flourish.

While there are many “natural born leaders,” even those with innate talent will benefit from further development, support and fine-tuning to reach their aspirations. Jan Carothers’ training, coaching and facilitation programs strengthen aspiring leaders of all experience levels, enhancing their skills and confidence to take charge of their teams. As always her work is personalized. shaping the coaching process around the priority needs of each client. She takes time to learn your goals, your strengths and your unique issues. Then she devises with you a coaching, and action plan to support you in reaching them.

Want to Become a Better Speaker and a Better Leader? Hire Jan Carothers Today

Great speaking and great leadership go hand in hand. In this market, most every professional is called on to speak in public, at conferences, in on-line meetings, competitive interviews, fundraising presentations, and to give client updates and status reports. Crafting a persuasive message wins you business, resolves roadblocks and attracts powerful partners and clients. Jan Carothers coaches you to shape and deliver your effective message to others in powerful ways that galvanize them to follow you. Want to learn more? Call 503-786-9132 or for information and availability.