Wondering how to get involved? Glad you asked.

Welcome to Our New Site!

NSA Oregon is implementing a new subscription system and a new website at the same time! We’re very excited and want to share some of the changes coming your way. The two major sections impacted are Membership and Events. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Click here for more information about the changes in events.

The information below will provide you some guidance in terms of new concepts and processes. Please review and let us know if you have any other comments or questions.

Professional Members

Am I qualified as a Professional Member?

In order to subscribe as a Chapter Professional Member, you must already be an active Professional Member in good standing with the National Speakers Association. For more information about joining NSA nationally, click here.

I am a national NSA Professional Member. Am I automatically an NSA Oregon Professional Member?
No. Though we value and respect your national membership, you will want to also subscribe as an NSA Oregon Professional Member to take full advantage of all the benefits. Of course, if you don’t subscribe, we still welcome you to register for any event that is open to the public as our valued guest.
What if I am a national member and do not want to subscribe to NSA Oregon as a Chapter Professional Member?

No problem. A subscription with NSA Oregon is not mandatory. You are welcome to visit any of our chapter meetings that are open to the general public. Simply register as a guest for the meeting(s) of your choice. You will also receive any correspondence sent to everyone else on the guest list. Unfortunately, none of the other Chapter Professional Member benefits will be available.You will not receive any Pro Members Only communiques or invitations. In the spirit of Cavett, we do hope you consider subscribing and being an active part of the community.

What if I subscribe mid-year?

No problem. You can subscribe at any time. You will have access to all of your benefits for the full year from the day you subscribe. You are not affected by the chapter’s fiscal year. There is no need to prorate the subscription.

For example, if you subscribe on March 1st, you will have access to the following meetings: March, April, May; Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan & Feb. June is always our President’s Gala with tickets purchased separately. December is our members-only holiday event. We do not hold chapter meetings in July or August.

What if I don't attend all the chapter meetings, do they roll over?

There are no roll-over’s. You may attend all of the public and private events within your subscription year. In the past with our program passes, you had to use them or lose them. This is no longer the case. Everything is based on “your” subscription year, not the chapter’s fiscal year.

I can't attend all the chapter meetings. Is there a lower rate for part-time attendance?

Our Chapter Professional Members subscribe so they become connected to the community of like-minded professionals. Part of the benefits package is to have unlimited access to all the chapter meetings. The subscription amount is not based on the meetings but rather on the overall benefits package. We hope you will attend as often as possible. When you can’t, please log in to your account and visit your Video Archive to watch any chapter meeting you’ve missed or want to see again. We endeavor to record all the meetings for your unlimited access.

What is included in the video archives?
We attempt to record all of our chapter meetings, including the President’s Gala. These recordings are permanently placed in your video archive. There are only three exceptions: 1) if the presenter withholds permission; 2) if the recording did not turn out for some reason; or 3) if the board voted to not include a particular video due to the quality of the speaker or content.


*If the board receives an overwhelming amount of negative feedback from a guest speaker, the board may decide to not make the video available.

Do I need to subscribe at a certain time of year?

No. You may join us at any point when you first enroll. If you know you will miss the September meeting this year and wish to subscribe in time for the October meeting, you may do so. You will then be able to attend the following September meeting since your subscription will renew on your anniversary date.

Can I pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually?

Our new administration system is only equipped to handle annual billing.

Can I stagger my subscription so it is not in the same month as my national dues?

Yes. You may enroll at any time. If you need to delay your enrollment by a month or two to stagger your national dues, you may still register and pay for the meetings individually until you enroll. Just let us know you intend to enroll so we can include you in the communications.

What happened to my eSpeakers directory listing?

We have replaced our link to the external eSpeakers directory with our own NSA Oregon directory. As a Chapter Professional Member, you have the ability to create your own profile in our search engine friendly directory. You may even create a link to your eSpeakers directory profile and/or Book Me Now eSpeakers button. Our NSA Oregon directory has an HTML editor which gives you (or your webmaster) full access to customize the main body of your profile.

Member Candidates

I don't want to join the Speaker Academy. Can I still be a Member Candidate?
Yes. Speaker Academy is not required but is highly encouraged. You may be a Member Candidate for up to three years. Our goal is to be a support for you as you work toward qualifying for a national Professional Membership.
What if I become a national member mid-way through my Member Candidate year? Will I be upgraded?
Yes. We will upgrade your subscription from Member Candidate to Professional Member as soon as you notify us of your new status and NSA national verifies it. You will be invoiced for the difference between the two subscriptions. We do not prorate.
I'm already a member of Speaker Academy. Which membership do I get?

Once you have completed the application and paid in full for Speaker Academy, you’ll automatically be provided Member Candidate status with all the privileges and benefits that go along with that type of membership.

Chapter Benefactors

More to come!
Stay tuned. We’ll address your questions soon.

Valued Guests

What is the difference between a subscriber and a valued guest?
Subscribers subscribe to an annual package based on either their qualifications or their desired business goals. Our valued guests may attend any meeting that is open to the public by simply purchasing a Program Pass or registering for events individually. We welcome anyone who would like to attend our meetings and treat you just like one of our community members.