Can You Find Your Brand Values on Your Bookshelf?

As a speaker, you make your audience feel something — about themselves, their world, or you. And how they feel about you is what marketing experts refer to as your brand.

“Your authentic self is your brand,” says Pegine Echevarria, a motivational celebrity speaker and CEO of Team Pegine, a consulting firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. “Marketing is what you promote, but branding is who you are.”

What are your brand values — those values authentic to you?

A look at your own favorite speakers or authors will help you to identify the values to which you are attracted. On my bookshelf are books by Scott Stratten, Cameron Herold and everything Seth Godin has ever written. From this information, one could guess that:

  • I like people who tell it like it is.
  • My favorite authors have a slight irreverence for the way the world may appear.
  • I respect those who have been in the trenches of their particular field.

The value you bring to the world through your career as a speaker, author, trainer, consultant or coach doesn’t only come through clients, but your clients come to you through the value you bring to the world. Attract more of your ideal clients by optimizing the presentation of your authentic self and the brand of your company will be made more clear.

To learn more about building a brand in the speaking business, witness one in action. Pegine Echevarria is our featured guest speaker at NSA Oregon on February 13th. NSA Oregon events are open to members and guests alike, and we’re expecting many first-timers at this event at Hotel Rose. We’d love to see you there as we work together to be a living brand and book more business.



// Kyle Sexton is a marketing strategist and serves on the board of NSA Oregon. His book, Remembership — New Strategies for Remarkable Membership Organizations, has been fueling transformations at trade associations throughout North America since 2011. His second book released in 2014, Follow You Anywhere — 22 Little Lessons for Team Leaders, reached number one on Amazon in just three days. Kyle aligns marketing teams in destination marketing organizations, economic development corporations and chambers of commerce.

Kyle Sexton is an award-winning marketing strategist and international speaker and author on the topics of membership development, marketing and innovation. He was recognized in 2011 by Chamber Executive magazine as one of the most influential innovators in the chamber of commerce industry, including being the industry’s foremost authority on membership tiers, and guides organizations through the transition from a traditional dues method to value-based tiers. Kyle’s innovative social media accelerator has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and is the author of Follow You Anywhere and ReMembership – New Strategies for Remarkable Membership Organizations.