Chicken Feet for the Soul

Everybody faces some kind of stress in life, and helping people get past it is a growth industry for anyone who can see the lighter side of life. Funny man and Hall-of-Fame motivational speaker Tim Gard has done just that for decades, working with audiences of all sizes and from all over the world.

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Live Simply. Simply Live.

When life is simple, life is good. That’s as true in the workplace as it is in your personal sphere. Sometimes, though, simplicity seems impossible. The good news? Bethanne Kronick is here to help you simplify your life and become more productive.

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How Kedma Ough Helps People Become Small Business Superheros

It takes something special to be a superhero, and over the years, MBA Kedma Ough has been bringing that special something to her work with clients all over the country. From help with funding and advice for new businesses to years-long advocacy, Kedma has earned the cape she wears.

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Empowere Communication: Michele Maupin Presents Confident Conflict Resolution!

In this sensitive world full of #MeToo nightmares and angry or irrational customers, do your people know what to do when faced with verbal or physical confrontation? Are your employees adequately trained to deal with escalating situations?

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One Life Can Make a Difference

Do you believe you can make a difference? Allison Clarke does. As a motivational speaker, she’s dedicated to helping you find how you can make a difference. She’ll inspire your team to take action. And she’ll take you outside your comfort zone to accomplish things you never thought you could do.

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Executive Development for Today’s World

From Stuck To Unstoppable
Do you want a stronger, more committed team? Are you having trouble managing conflict productively? Is something preventing you and your company from achieving its true potential? Professional speaker and executive development expert Dan McArthur helps you understand and overcome your obstacles, fulfill your personal potential, and become indispensable. Gain the insight you need to effectively lead by example, creating a healthy, motivated corporate culture that performs.

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Membership and More

Harnessing The Potential of Tiered Pricing Models

Want to transform your association, chamber, or economic development organization by implementing a scalable, sustainable revenue model? Looking to avoid the common mistakes made while transitioning out of the fair-share model (so you can avoid making these mistakes yourself)? Membership and more expert Kyle Sexton is the go-to speaker for organizations that want to know more about serving and selling memberships. He literally wrote the book on how to make membership-based businesses thrive- ‘Remembership’ – and he shares his valuable, fact-based insights with his audiences.

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How Michael Brand Thrives at the Forefront of Change

For years, non-profits have relied on government contracts and benevolent donors to provide the funding they need to create positive change in their missions. Business leader and development speaker Michael Brand is opening the eyes of the people in charge of these organizations and helping them to become more self-sustaining. Want to learn how Michael Brand is growth hacking the nonprofit sector? Keep reading.

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How Kerry Boenisch Turned Wine and Writing into a Speaking Career

Kerry Boenisch grew up tying Pinot Noir grape vines with one hand and writing stories with the other. Raised on one of Oregon’s first commercial vineyards in the Red Hills of Dundee, she spent her childhood learning the ins and outs of the winery business. Read on to learn how she leveraged this knowledge about wine and writing to become one of the most engagingly authentic (and entertaining) marketing consultants and business speakers in the region.

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Jan Carothers Delivers Results Through Presentations, Coaching, Facilitation and More!

In an increasingly competitive economy, businesses that stay on the cutting edge succeed. Those that get behind the curve, by contrast, flounder. To thrive in today’s climate, leaders must make the most of their resources – especially their people – all their people!

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Kindness Catalyst Linda Cohen Can Boost Your Business Productivity

Being kind and generous benefits society at large. But can it also increase a business’s productivity and even its bottom line? The answer is, perhaps surprisingly, yes, and Kindness Catalyst Linda Cohen can show you how.

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Why Speakers Aren’t Supposed to Talk About Price

How much do you charge? As a professional speaker you’ve undoubtedly been asked this question by potential clients, new speakers, and even wondered if you should answer it yourself when giving examples to colleagues. In the National Speakers Association (NSA), we’re not supposed to talk about price. It gets complicated because some chapters are stricter about this than others, maybe we feel more comfortable around close groups of friends, or sometimes we want to teach other speakers and it would be helpful to explain our experiences with price. I think the question is too broad for a simple yes or no, so let’s deepen our understanding of why we aren’t supposed to talk about price.

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Life Happens! Let Jake French Tell You About It

Consumers have more choices and greater access to information than ever. That means maintaining high patient satisfaction scores is crucial. Beyond giving excellent care, healthcare providers must create a top-notch patient experience. After all, healthcare is a people business. Jake French understands this from both sides. Having experienced adversity in his own life, he knows the importance of having a compassionate healthcare team. French uses his experience as a model for others. His programs give healthcare providers the motivation and strategies to achieve high patient satisfaction scores.

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Should I Speak for Free?

One of the toughest questions both aspiring and experienced professional speakers have to grapple with is whether or not to speak for free. Although opinions vary widely on this decision, I believe the short answer to this question is YES!

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Motivational Speaker Ron Black Helps Leadership and Sales Pros Tap Into Their Inner Superhero

What do superheroes and effective leaders have in common? Both tap into their unique powers and the powers of others to achieve success. Every sales and management professional has superpowers buried within. Great leadership requires finding those powers in oneself and others. Motivational speaker Ron Black brings out the superhero in his audiences.

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NSA in Central Oregon Oct 16

Calling all speakers and aspiring speakers in Central Oregon!

The Oregon Chapter of the National Speakers Association will be in Bend on October 16th.

Meet NSA Oregon president Kevin McCarthy, marketing speaker Kyle Sexton, and featured keynote speaker Bethanne Kronick.

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KINDNESS: A Catalyst that Connects

NSA Oregon is pleased to share with you this article by our own Linda Cohen. She was featured in the December issue of Speaker Magazine. Linda is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and serves on the board of directors for NSA Oregon.

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Can You Find Your Brand Values on Your Bookshelf?

As a speaker, you make your audience feel something — about themselves, their world, or you. And how they feel about you is what marketing experts refer to as your brand.

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After You Niche Your Speaking Business

What happens after you find and dig into a niche for your speaking business?

I’ve made a short list for you. And these aren’t from Google. This is what happened in my businesses after changing my target from “business organizations” to “proximity-based trade association executives who are changing their pricing model.” I know, it’s a mouthful.

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Michael Brand, MNO

MichaelBrand-584_rt_full-size_224pxOver 25 years in the nonprofit sector, Michael Brand has raised millions, given away millions and despite his best intentions, probably wasted a million along the way.   He knows the nonprofit community well, having lived on both sides of the street first as a nonprofit leader then as a philanthropist.  In addition to his grantmaker experience, he’s tackled every leadership role imaginable: Board Chair, Director, Fundraiser, Volunteer, Donor, Advisor.  And he’s done it not just in the USA but Europe and Australia as well. Today, Michael infuses his speaking engagements, workshops, and coaching sessions with his passion for the role nonprofits play in creating a compassionate and civil society.