Four Ways to Belong to NSA Oregon

We are a community of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who make their living using the spoken word. That includes keynoters, breakout presenters, seminar leaders, trainers, facilitators, consultants, and those who speak primarily online.

We acknowledge that there are many others who are attracted to NSA who speak in a broader variety of professional ways. You are welcome.

We will continue to make you feel welcome while we focus on delivering value and content to our core customers, the solopreneur and entrepreneur professional speaker. That will drive our decision-making, investments of resources, and value proposition.

NSA Oregon is a thriving community of like-minded speaking professionals, aspiring members and guests. We value the unique perspectives, gifts and talents that our members and guests bring to the community.

Whether you are a national NSA member, a local or national speaker academy candidate member or a valued guest who enjoys being part and contributing to our community, we welcome and appreciate you!


If you have qualified and are considered a Professional Member in good standing with the National Speakers Association, we invite you to subscribe to our local chapter as a Professional Member.


If you are considering joining the National Speakers Association within the next three years, you can start right here with NSA Oregon as a Member Candidate. Ask us about our Speaker Academy program to help you learn the business and art of professional speaking.


If you are a service provider who serves the professional speaking community, you are in the right place. Our NSA Board of Directors accepts and vets referrals of service professionals who want to join our local community. Approved providers become a vital part of our community.


Our monthly chapter meeting are open to everyone. Our valued guests join us for quality content and great community. If you attendee regularly, you might consider our Program Pass.