Optimizing Your NSA Oregon Website Listing

If you’re a full member of National Speakers Association, you’re automatically a member of NSA Oregon.

One thing that last year’s board did to make your life easier is to link your NSA Oregon listing to your eSpeakers profile (all NSA members get a free one). Voila! You update it in one place (eSpeakers), and now it’s updated on your Oregon page, too.

Enter Sierra Modro, this year’s current VP of Membership/Partnership (who also happens to love technology, especially mobile productivity). She delivered a webinar to help you do better with your eSpeakers profile. Unfortunately the idiot running the controls (that’s me!), missed hitting the record button. Fortunately all you miss is the first few minutes of me introducing what’s going on, and the recording picks up moments after Sierra starts.

Click here to hear from Sierra about eSpeakers.


Roger Courville
President and Recording Button Idiot