Marvelous Meet the Pros!

From Ann-Louise Sterry

Meet the Pro’s – what a marvelous night. We had 5 excellent speakers at our event to help us grow in our businesses. I gained at least one take away from each of speakers. Came  home refreshed and ready try new strategies.

Sticky sticky sticky -now I am going to be sticky courtsey of Cathey Armillas.

“My brand – is my promise. It is about what helps my clients.” This from Dr. Sean Henry.

“Get a definite yes get a definite no or have a definite plan”  Thank you Jerry Fletcher.

“You can do it, get your book into the digital world” OK Karen Landey, I will!

We live in the age of visibility. You CAN be more visible and you don’t have to know everything yourself.Joanne McCall called my nerves with that statement.

Thank you all for sharing your time and knowledge!