NSA in Central Oregon Oct 16

Calling all speakers and aspiring speakers in Central Oregon!

The Oregon Chapter of the National Speakers Association will be in Bend on October 16th.

Meet NSA Oregon president Kevin McCarthy, marketing speaker Kyle Sexton, and featured keynote speaker Bethanne Kronick.

Watch our video invitation to see what it’s all about!

Date:  Monday, October 16, 2017
Time:  6 – 9 pm
Location:  OSU Cascade Campus, Bend, Oregon
Cost: $29 (inaugural program price)

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Bethanne-LCW-8388-smallBethanne Kronick

Take Control of Your Time and Get the RIGHT Things Done!”

Do you get to the end of the day wondering what you really accomplished? Time for a change! Time to take control and manage your time instead of it managing you! Bethanne will share some of her favorite strategies to help you boost your productivity, whether it’s at home, at work or in your speaking or consulting business. With what you’ll learn, you’ll be able to sleep better at night!

Bethanne Kronick is an experienced speaker, productivity strategist, author and consultant. She is passionate about bringing productivity, balance and wellness to people at work and in life. In 2002, she created SIMPLIFY! with the goal of helping people make lasting, positive changes in their lives so they can have more time to pursue their passions. Bethanne teaches simple strategies that will save time, improve organization and refine systems for managing high levels of information and documentation. She has earned the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSPTM) award from the National Speakers Association (NSA), the highest international recognition for professional speakers, achieved by less than 10% of the 5,000+ speakers worldwide. She is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) and a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). When she is not working with her clients, Bethanne is a world record holder and Master’s National Champion rower and loves to eat ice cream!

KyleSexton-111_325x325Kyle Sexton

Marketing Strategies for Speakers & Solopreneurs

Kyle Sexton loves business. Kyle’s first business was selling dollar bills for two dollars each in sixth grade. In his freshman year at the University of Oregon – while other students preferred the party scene over studying – Kyle avoided both by reading and writing business plans. He landed a summer job as a real estate apprentice for a developer who was willing to teach him everything he knew about business.

Back in his hometown of Salem, Oregon, Kyle began looking for leadership opportunities. He found it working for Mike McLaran at the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce. It’s been said that great leaders give meaning to the work, and after a very short while working for a great leader, Kyle found the meaning in the work. This fueled many changes to the structure and model of the chamber, propelled by popular benefits and national acclaim.

The son of a teacher and coach, Kyle now coaches and teaches people who want to transform their organization’s marketing from boring to booming, from scattered to aligned, and from noisy to powerful.

KINDNESS: A Catalyst that Connects

NSA Oregon is pleased to share with you this article by our own Linda Cohen. She was featured in the December issue of Speaker Magazine. Linda is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and serves on the board of directors for NSA Oregon.

As speakers, our words change lives. Our actions can do the same. Every day we have the ability to choose to act in a positive or negative way. Considering the nature of our profession, we need to consciously consider the impact our words or behavior can have on others. Simply put, because of what we do for a living why would we choose anything other than kindness?

One single action can be something another person remembers forever. Consider the stranger who stays with a woman in a store when she learns her father has just taken his life, or offering someone a place to spend the night after having to abandon her car in a snowstorm. Even letting someone go in front of you at the grocery story can be an opportunity to make someone’s day better. We have dozens of daily opportunities to offer a word or action that can meaningfully connect with another human being.

I wasn’t always an active observer of the value of kindness. I fell into it quite unexpectedly, but sometimes life takes us in surprising directions. In the spring of 2006, my father called to tell me he’d been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. They gave him less than a year to live.

We had a tumultuous relationship leading up to his diagnosis. We were stuck in a relationship where we still related to each other as if I were a teenager, despite the fact that I was now a married woman, a mother and in my late 30’s. The day he told me he was dying, I knew that if anything was going to change for us it had to happen immediately. There wasn’t going to be another chance. I flew across the country to be with him for a long weekend.

The next eight months were a profound gift, a chance to heal old wounds. He asked me, “Why did we wait until I was dying to do this?” I believe now that this was the only span of time the healing could have taken place. My father died on December 1, 2006, my son’s sixth birthday.

The depth of grief I felt after his death overwhelmed me. I took a “spiritual sabbatical” from my home-based skin care business to be present with this important loss. A few weeks later, I woke up in the middle of the night with a thought. I wanted to perform 1,000 mitzvahs in my father’s memory. A mitzvah is the Jewish word for a good deed and there are 613 official mitzvot that Jews are commanded to perform. My intention was to perform these 1,000 mitzvahs or acts of loving kindness as a proactive way to work through the pain and loss that I felt in my father’s absence.

I figured the project would allow me to help others in small ways and create good feelings to compensate for my pangs of grief and sadness. I initially wondered how long it would take to perform 1,000 mitzvahs. I originally thought it could be done in a year or less. The next morning, I shared the idea with my husband, a software engineer, who suggested we create a blog to track the mitzvah project. In January 2007, I posted my first blog entry on 1000mitzvahs.org. The first mitzvah was gifting a friend with a book before a trip she was taking.

The night after creating my blog and writing my first entry, I emailed several close friends to tell them about the project. I was nervous about what they would think as I was unaccustomed to sharing the details of my personal endeavors online. I worried that someone might call me a braggart. I almost didn’t send that email because of fear. However, the immediate feedback was encouraging and I began to relax into this new adventure.

The mitzvah project gave me time to grieve and process my loss. The book idea came about 18 months into the project when a young Rabbi asked if I’d considered how much this project had helped move me through grief. He suggested I consider writing a book.

Though this project was deeply rooted in my religious beliefs, I realized it could be equally relevant and inspiring to a secular audience. A Bay Area publisher loved the project idea and wanted to publish 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness, Can Heal, Inspire and Change Your Life. The book helped synthesize the lessons I’d gleaned from my personal project.

In the months leading up to the book publication, I discovered NSA Oregon. Its Fast Track Program helped me cultivate professional speaking skills as I was speaking more frequently about the project. Sharing my story and message inspired and impacted others. Synagogues, churches, schools and non-profits around the world have taken on their own kindness projects based on the 1,000 mitzvahs idea.

During the two-and-a-half years of performing mitzvahs, I discovered that, aside from the moral virtue of doing kind acts, being kind is good for your health and happiness. The giver of kindness benefits as much or more than the recipient. Not only is there a beauty in giving but also the ability to graciously receive is invaluable. From the beginning, most of the mitzvahs were simple and duplicable.

I didn’t set out to save the world. I don’t even profess that any of the 1,000 mitvahs stand out as particularly important or life changing. But I will assert that each of them made a small impact on others, and that cumulatively these kind acts changed my life.

Mitzvah Ideas for Speakers:

Greet and welcome a newcomer to your service, meeting, or event. Being unfamiliar with customs and rituals can be intimidating, whether it’s an NSA meeting, religious services or other group gatherings. It is always better to be greeted by a smiling stranger who helps you through the moments of disorientation—someone who’s so approachable you feel comfortable asking questions. Make it a new policy the next time there’s a newcomer in your midst at a meeting or a service to welcome them and show them the ropes, whether you’ve been appointed to or not.

Commend someone on a job well done. Travel often requires that we put our lives and faith in the hands of strangers. We take airplanes, trains, and taxis driven by strangers whom we entrust to get us safely to our destinations. We eat food prepared by others, and strangers meet many of our daily needs when we’re on the road. While creature comforts of home are absent when we travel, part of the fun of the experience is adjusting to new experiences if we have the right outlook. Remember how important and simple it is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude when you’re traveling: A tip for a housekeeper. A shout out to a manager for excellent service received from a hotel employee or anyone else who’s gone above and beyond to assist you can mean a great deal to the recipient. Even a fellow traveler might do a good deed for you. “Thank you” goes a long way.

Give a compliment to someone today. “I love your dress. What a great color.” “Your bowtie is awesome, I don’t see them very often anymore.” It goes without saying that many of us are so busy and caught up in our own lives that we can barely find the time to pay attention to someone else. It also goes without saying that being the recipient of a compliment can be a mood changer that shifts everything. Perhaps you remember a time someone complimented you. It’s the simplest mitzvah you can offer. Be genuine and honest and pass compliments out liberally while withholding personal opinion, criticism or complaints. You might be surprised that more compliments will come your way as well. Sometimes, by recognizing the power of giving, we ourselves become more in tune to all the small and subtle ways in which we also receive.

Remain calm in your words and actions. When you are feeling impatient, take a moment to put your situation into perspective. Take a deep breath and realize that you have complete choice as to how you’ll respond; no one else has the power to decide that but you. Yes, you can blame others, get irritated, be annoyed, and yell at the person trying to help you, or decide you are powerless over the situation. Or you can maintain your dignity and choose to react with patience and calmness, in words and actions.

Open your heart and listen to a friend or stranger. Any of us who live in a community will eventually run into people we know as we go about our lives, from the grocery store to movies or elsewhere. We might make a conscious decision to avoid certain people, slipping down another aisle or trying to dodge a face-to-face encounter. I’ve done this myself, for all kinds of reasons—whether I was short on time or wasn’t in the mood to interact. However, you never know when this situation is an opportunity to make a difference for someone else. In this noisy, busy world people are longing for real, authentic connection. Sometimes the kindest act we can offer is a caring heart and a listening ear.

As speakers, we have many opportunities to be role models for others. We have numerous possibilities every day to choose kindness, to use our words to uplift fellow speakers, audience members and maybe even the world at large. I invite you to join me in cultivating kindness in all your spheres of influence. Imagine how different our world might be if each of us intentionally spread our loving kindness across this earth every day! Look for the kind deeds awaiting you and I guarantee you will find them.

Linda Cohen is a kindness catalyst and the author of 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and Change Your Life. She speaks to organizations and businesses that want to improve their inter-personal interactions by identifying and cultivating a culture of kindness.

Can you find your brand values on your bookshelf?

As a speaker, you make your audience feel something — about themselves, their world, or you. And how they feel about you is what marketing experts refer to as your brand.

“Your authentic self is your brand,” says Pegine Echevarria, a motivational celebrity speaker and CEO of Team Pegine, a consulting firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. “Marketing is what you promote, but branding is who you are.”

What are your brand values — those values authentic to you?

A look at your own favorite speakers or authors will help you to identify the values to which you are attracted. On my bookshelf are books by Scott Stratten, Cameron Herold and everything Seth Godin has ever written. From this information, one could guess that:

  • I like people who tell it like it is.
  • My favorite authors have a slight irreverence for the way the world may appear.
  • I respect those who have been in the trenches of their particular field.

The value you bring to the world through your career as a speaker, author, trainer, consultant or coach doesn’t only come through clients, but your clients come to you through the value you bring to the world. Attract more of your ideal clients by optimizing the presentation of your authentic self and the brand of your company will be made more clear.

To learn more about building a brand in the speaking business, witness one in action. Pegine Echevarria is our featured guest speaker at NSA Oregon on February 13th. NSA Oregon events are open to members and guests alike, and we’re expecting many first-timers at this event at Hotel Rose. We’d love to see you there as we work together to be a living brand and book more business.



// Kyle Sexton is a marketing strategist and serves on the board of NSA Oregon. His book, Remembership — New Strategies for Remarkable Membership Organizations, has been fueling transformations at trade associations throughout North America since 2011. His second book released in 2014, Follow You Anywhere — 22 Little Lessons for Team Leaders, reached number one on Amazon in just three days. Kyle aligns marketing teams in destination marketing organizations, economic development corporations and chambers of commerce.

After you niche your speaking business

What happens after you find and dig into a niche for your speaking business?

I’ve made a short list for you. And these aren’t from Google. This is what happened in my businesses after changing my target from “business organizations” to “proximity-based trade association executives who are changing their pricing model.” I know, it’s a mouthful.

Top-of-mind awareness. Meeting Professionals International recently changed their pricing model to value-based tiers in a good-better-best format. In planning their big conference for all of their volunteer leaders around the world, MPI executives wondered aloud, “It sure would be nice if  there was someone who specialized in working with volunteer leaders through a membership pricing change!”

One person spoke up: “I know someone. That’s all he does.”

I got the call and the gig. The sales cycle was short and they treated me like gold. In return, I brought my A-game and blew their socks off with my keynote. Win!

Word of mouth recommendations. If your speaking business includes coaching or consulting, finding your niche can have an amazing impact on your word of mouth. I use inbound marketing to help my audience find me, but nothing compares to word of mouth. It feels great to know that people are Googling your name because of the recommendation of a friend or colleague.

Premium fees. I’ve been able to raise my fees five times in the last three years as a result of defining my niche and catering to it. Niche businesses get to charge higher rates because they are tailored to a specific need. My business revenue has doubled each year. Doubled. That’s the power of the niche!

Better clients. I used to resist the idea of using pricing as a filter for what kind of clients I wanted to attract, but I have seen the light! Niche businesses get more control over who their clients are. My life and business are so much better since embracing this concept.

How can you find your natural niche? We recommend seeking out speakers who have already done it and learn from them… speakers like Tom Davidson.

Tom Davidson will speak at NSA Oregon on Sept 12

Tom Davidson will speak at NSA Oregon on Sept 12

Tom is a speaker and author who has done it, and he’s also good at teaching it.

Here at NSA Oregon, we’re really impressed with what Tom has done with his business… so much, in fact, that we’ve invited Tom to our chapter meeting on Monday, September 12th at Hotel Rose.

If you’re growing your speaking business in Oregon or southwest Washington, NSA Oregon is here to help. We’re a community of speakers who gather monthly for learning and connecting to make a bigger impact for our clients and audience.

Many of our attendees are members of the National Speakers Association while others aren’t. We have a simple request if you’re curious about us: Join us!

Tom has delivered this specialized training for NSA chapters in Pittsburgh, Virginia, Tennessee and the NSA national convention in Washington DC. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for NSA Oregon, and we hope you’ll join us!

Get Paid to Speak!

We are excited to announce the 2016 season of our highly successful Speaker Academy program!

Discover how to:

  • Monetize your passionate message into a fulfilling speaking career.
  • Sell your speeches and training to the right buyers.
  • Use the speaking platform to increase your existing business.

You could not have picked a better time to get started.

This 9-month program provides the resources, training and mentorship that allow you to learn what it takes to be a successful professional speaker. Speaker Academy will take years off of your learning curve!

If you want to learn how to get paid to speak or how to leverage the stage to drive more clients to your existing business, you are in the right place. Each local lab is designed to provide practical training with hands-on application facilitated by an NSA Oregon professional member. Speaker Academy participants enjoy many benefits and special privileges including one-on-one and group mentorship with seasoned speaking professionals.


Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to get paid to give keynote presentations or training workshops.
Anyone who wants to use the speaking platform to drive sales to their business.
We will discuss the details of the upcoming NSA Oregon 2016-17 Speaker Academy, a year-long program designed to help you launch a profitable and successful speaking business.

If you have ever wondered how to get paid to speak, don’t miss this fact-filled and important event. Many of you have asked us about the business of speaking. This introductory seminar will give you an overview of the industry and the details you need to decide if the full program is right for you.

Register here now!

Elevating Your Storytelling Brand in a Digital World

Elevating Your Storytelling Brand in a Digital World

More information: Click here.


Kevin McCarthy, Founder & CEO – 360 Narrative Group

Roger Courville, CSP, Founder & CEO – 1080 Group

Chris West, Founder & CEO – Video Narrative

Communicating your brand in this digital world is not the same today as it was even just a few years ago.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the choices of technology platforms? Have you ever felt confused about how to tell your story online to connect with your audiences digitally? Do you find it hard to keep up with all the methods of communicating online? Have you ever felt confused about where and how to start?

You won’t want to miss this month’s NSA Oregon chapter event.

Kevin will be sharing digital branding perspectives and practical strategies to help you elevate your brand to get new clients and build your tribe.

Roger will be sharing the importance of connecting with your tribe in this digital world by giving us a sneak peak at his new Tedx talk which he will be delivering live next month in the Grand Caymans.

Chris will be sharing not only how to create professional quality videos on a shoestring budget, he will be demonstrating the same. He is bringing a home studio and will show everyone how to set up your own studio as well as how to work with lighting and the other nuances of home video production.

Join us for this month’s NSA chapter event. You won’t want to miss it!

More information: Click here.

How to Rock a TED Talk

Join us on March 9th for How to Rock a TED Talk

With NSA member and Marketing Strategist & Author Cathey Armillas

Do you want to give a TED Talk? Do you need help preparing and delivering a TED Talk?

Get the “How to Rock a TED Talk” program. The insider’s guide to get, prepare and deliver a TED Talk.

Do you want to know how to get invited to give a TED Talk?

Have you been thinking about giving a TED Talk but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re not sure how to get invited, let alone how to prepare and deliver the talk.

If you want to get invited to give a TED Talk, it’s critical to understand the format and why TED Talks are different than any other type of presentations.

In the “How to Rock a TED Talk” program you will find out what you need to know in order to get selected, and even which TED events are the best.  You’ll have a strategic advantage and the edge you need to land your TED Talk. Getting selected is only half the battle, once you land the TED Talk, you’ll have the tools, resources and instruction you need to prepare a stellar talk and be able to deliver it well.

2 ½ Highlights from the Signal Conference

By:  Jake French

“They say I’m lazy, but it takes all my time.” In a hit song, Joe Walsh described the downward direction my marketing has taken, and I’m worried you might get lured into this seductively easy trap too. Our world only notices what is different, and after attending the Signal Conference put on by the National Speakers Association of Oregon, I will be twice as effective at using communication to advance my message and promote my brand.

One of the notes I wrote to myself during Justin Foster’s keynote titled “Human Bacon” reads exactly like this, “STOP WUSSING OUT by flatly saying I’m a motivational speaker or hiding behind email as an inquiry tool.” I’m a quadriplegic who has to manage my energy down to the degree of it I put into each conversation, but even energy is no excuse for us to give an introduction that sounds like a business card. If we get bored talking about what we do, then why would anyone else become interested?

QUESTION: do you get more excited about reading a product’s manual OR by having an interactive conversation about it?

When we cheat our potential customers by giving a bland explanation of what we do, simply sending a flyer, or passively handing over a business card, then we should also include a pillow for them to fall asleep on! After the Signal Conference I am going to increase the prequalifying time in my sales conversation, instead leveraging energy and passion towards the changes I ignite in people to get others engaged. Don’t be disproportionately energetic for the situation, just honestly have a fun time with the conversation. People will be more intrigued initially by mutual enthusiasm than by your new video or promo information that you send to their crowded inbox later.

One of the most valuable experiences from the conference was a panel that was comprised of “unobtanium” for the average person like me. We got to raise our hands and ask questions to people with the word “Chief” or “Your Majesty” after their name from companies like Nike, Fred Meyer, and Dick Hannah Auto Dealerships. I wanted to know how these professionals, who get hit up by volumes of people offering something just as special as we are, actually prefer to be approached.

Score Points By:

  • Doing your research. Don’t tell IBM all about your art program for students, when they actively support science and math
  • Finding out how you align with THEIR objectives
  • Asking for a 10-minute meeting – but be aware that some people may prefer a virtual meeting

Lose Points By:

  • Barking up the wrong tree
  • Putting the initial contact on the spot to answer yes or no

NSA Oregon provided high value content, multiple learning options, and facilitated many new relationships at their very first conference. Your 2 ½ Action Items are:  1. Use energy and engaging conversation to become memorable.  2. Do your research on how you align with your prospect, not just how wonderful your product is.  ½. If you get a meeting, brainstorm with your contact to create a potential proposal. Don’t put them on the spot to commit because they may not know you well enough, or even be the right person to talk with. The last tip changed how I am approaching the biggest potential partner of my life, and it came well after the event, from a person I talked to at the

3 Biz Lessons from NSA’s Last Conference

A couple days ago I was on a conference call for chapter presidents that was hosted by NSA’s national president, Ron Karr. The very cool thing is that he shared some business lessons I thought I’d pass along to you.

The Backdrop

As you might know, NSA doesn’t allow selling from the stage in any way, shape, or form at it’s conferences (it’s why our own SignalCon on January 31 is going to pure in this way, too!).

Ron was telling us about a recent NSA event, Platform Profits, where the purpose of the conference was learning to sell more (often without selling) from the stage. So for this one, they decided to make an exception. After all, it’d be hard to see how it’s done right otherwise, right?

Ron Karr’s Lessons-Learned

People will pay for value…even if they know there’s going to be a pitch

I won’t tell you the numbers, but let’s just say NSA rawked the back-of-room sales in a headspinning way. AND they charged the usual fee to attend the conference. The results? High marks for value across the board, which means…

Take action: Give people full value for their ticket price, even if they don’t buy anything else.

People want deep dives

Some of the feedback received shed light on what conference-goers are looking for. In particular, the highest praise was for keeping the inspirational bits short and scheduling the bulk of time with serious, roll-up-your sleeves, I-can-really-use-this-stuff sessions.

Take action: Feeling uplifted is great, but be sure to deliver plenty of practical learning that can be immediately used.

People love great speakers, but they also want to hear from their peers and the market

A final bit of insight from the conference was that having a blend of voices was important for understanding the context of what they’ve learned.

Take action: Pursue a balance of delivering content and facilitating connections and conversations.

The Bottom Line

Selfishly, I was pretty excited to hear these findings. It means we’re on the right track for our own conference.

More importantly, even if you’re not planning a conference, you can use these insights to be a trusted advisor to the next meeting planner you’re working with. And that, my friend, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Now you go rock it,

Roger Courville

NSA-Oregon Chapter President and Living Proof that Weird People Can Be Professional Speakers Too

The Speaker Business Red Zone

By:  Sean Harry, DMIN, MDIV, MIM

Hey Speakers! Imagine yourself in this scenario: first and goal on the 10 yard line with five minutes left in the game. A touchdown will seal your victory. Now is the time to give everything you’ve got and finish strong.

Now imagine that your speaking business is in a similar position — because it is! In these last few weeks of the year, it’s time for you to prepare for the new year by finishing up 2013 strong.

Here are five things you should do now in your business that will help you finish strong!

1. Get Your Tax Files in Order — You can get a jump start on January and taxes by making sure your financial statements are up to date. Go through your bills and receipts and classify any deductions or qualified expenses. Doing this now will save you time and money, because being prepared means fewer billable hours for your accountant. Besides, if you have questions for your accountant, now is a good time to reach him or her.

2. Examine Your Finances — December is a good time to talk to your financial planner. There may be some last minute investment decisions that will help you reduce your tax bill. While you are doing this, be sure to review and celebrate your overall financial position. Have you looked at it lately? The stock market has been soaring, so you should be pleasantly surprised.

3. Network — the holidays are filled with opportunities to share with family and friends. Why not also make it a time to try out your elevator pitch? Sam Horn wrote an article for Fast Company that provides a pretty cool networking template. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and LOVE IT! Give it a try —  ow.ly/qeVLW

4. Network (Yeah! Again!) — Reach out to your key supporters and champions.  Thank them for believing in and supporting you. Do any of them deserve a holiday card or letter (the actual, physical, written and stamped kind)? Those will go a long way in showing gratitude and bringing you to top of mind.

5. Set Goals — What are the top three or four things you want to accomplish in your business next year?  Have you committed them to paper? Have you drafted out a plan for achieving them? November and December are great months for speakers because we typically have time to review and plan.

Well sports fans, it’s all up to you! The clock is winding down and the ball is in your hands. Will you take the challenge of putting your heart into it so you can finish strong?

Optimizing Your NSA Oregon Website Listing

If you’re a full member of National Speakers Association, you’re automatically a member of NSA Oregon.

One thing that last year’s board did to make your life easier is to link your NSA Oregon listing to your eSpeakers profile (all NSA members get a free one). Voila! You update it in one place (eSpeakers), and now it’s updated on your Oregon page, too.

Enter Sierra Modro, this year’s current VP of Membership/Partnership (who also happens to love technology, especially mobile productivity). She delivered a webinar to help you do better with your eSpeakers profile. Unfortunately the idiot running the controls (that’s me!), missed hitting the record button. Fortunately all you miss is the first few minutes of me introducing what’s going on, and the recording picks up moments after Sierra starts.

Click here to hear from Sierra about eSpeakers.


Roger Courville
President and Recording Button Idiot

Sharing the Stage with A Champion

Submitted by Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP

The best-kept secret in the speaking profession is all the greatest in our business have a coach.  The role of a coach is someone who will help you before, during and after your talk to improve and refine its content.  When being coached you must be open to candid and honest feedback about your content, presentation style and stage presence.  Oregon NSA was proud to host the 1999 International Toastmaster of the year, Darren LaCroix.  Darren shared with us countless tips on how to improve your speaking career and move from good to great.  After the talk I spoke with a few participants to see what their one key take away would be from Sierra Modoro she posted on Facebook her take away was to choose intentional stories with clear points to back up the key messages in her presentations.  Brian Paxton commented on Darren’s suggest of Stage time, Stage time, Stage time referring to the fact Darren uses key words in repetition to help his audiences remember him days after he has walked off the stage.  I was moved by Darren’s comments that a book is credibility and products are profit.  Are you being selfish by not having products so people can take you home with them?

 For the second half of the night Darren handed the stage over to a few participants for private coaching.  Arty Trost a guest to the chapter was courageous enough to volunteer to share 3-5 minutes of one of her whirl wind adventures as an ultra light pilot.  Speaking with Arty after the event she said,  “Getting coached by Darren was an incredible learning experience! I KNEW I should stop and scan the room before launching into my speech. Yet, as Darren would say, I knew it in my mind yet hadn’t truly integrated my knowledge into my behavior. So I began speaking as soon as I turned to face the group. Darren stopped me and told me to scan the room first. “Well, duh…” I thought to myself. But my scan was too brief (I thought it was fairly long!) and so Darren stopped me and asked me to scan again. His coaching was very helpful – and so was the feedback from the group. Their energy around helping me improve was enriching. I’m glad I volunteered for the coaching.”

 NSA Oregon is excited to offer Oregon’s professional speaking community access to regional and national speaking experts that help us all improve in our businesses and on the platform.  Hope to see you at our May 13 event with Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic.

Three “must-do” takeaways from content marketing

Whether you’re a new speaker or you’re a pro with a long track record, continuing to build your audience and establish your credibility is a never-ending effort.

Being my first-ever NSA meeting, I didn’t know what to expect. I was able to sit at two of the four expert sessions, but I left wishing I could have participated in all four. What follows are three ideas that any speaker would do well to heed.

The first expert session was Joshua Waldman’s (www.careerenlightenment.com) talk about maintaining an editorial calendar for your blog. Read more

Want More Loyal Customers? Help People Trust You!

Submitted by Dr. Sean Harry

In this challenging economy it is tempting to slash prices or cut corners just to get the business. Do not (I repeat — DO NOT) go there! It’s a race to the lowest price where nobody wins. Instead, focus on the most important aspect of any business — trusting relationships! Here are 3 quick ways to build trust with another person: Read more

Ann-Louise Sterry Host Storytelling Speaker Lab

Submitted by Ann-Louise Sterry

Don’t miss tonight’s speaker lab about storytelling.

I have been telling stories for 20 years and I am still enchanted by story. As your host for tonight, I welcome you and look forward to being ‘ears’ for your story, no matter how many times you have told it before -never or hundreds!

Marvelous Meet the Pros!

From Ann-Louise Sterry

Meet the Pro’s – what a marvelous night. We had 5 excellent speakers at our event to help us grow in our businesses. I gained at least one take away from each of speakers. Came  home refreshed and ready try new strategies.

Sticky sticky sticky -now I am going to be sticky courtsey of Cathey Armillas.

“My brand – is my promise. It is about what helps my clients.” This from Dr. Sean Henry.

“Get a definite yes get a definite no or have a definite plan”  Thank you Jerry Fletcher.

“You can do it, get your book into the digital world” OK Karen Landey, I will!

We live in the age of visibility. You CAN be more visible and you don’t have to know everything yourself.Joanne McCall called my nerves with that statement.

Thank you all for sharing your time and knowledge!

Glenna Salsbury Helps NSA Oregon Celebrate Cavette Roberts Day

For the celebration of  Spirit of Cavett Day, the Oregon Chapter of NSA was honored to have Glenna Salsbury as our speaker.

Glenna brought to us the message of authenticity and connection with ourselves and our audiences. She WAS authenticity and connection,in person. Glenna shared stories of Cavett Roberts and his love of people, particularly his love of encouraging everyone he met. She WAS encouragement and love, in person.

She talked of the embracing our vulnerability, ‘sharing’ rather than ‘speaking’, being who you are and sharing from YOUR truth. Glenna embodied all of this for us.
And…gave us practical strategies and tips for “…making a difference from the platform”

I feel like she was gift to me personally, saying the words I needed to hear!

If you were there, what are your thoughts?

You can find Glenna at her web site: www.glennasalsbury.com She is worth finding.

Anne Louise Sterry (a.k.a. Aunt Lena)


Aunt Lena’s Profile

Influence ’11 NSA National Convention

Submitted by Holly Duckworth

In the meetings industry they say, when we meet, we change the world.  At the National Speakers Association convention it was clear when the best most influential and experienced speakers in the world convene, they don’t just change the world they impact and influence lives.  Your NSA Oregon chapter had a great turn out at Influence 11 that kicked off with a chapter networking reception.  In this photo (left to right) Kellie Grill, Kathy Maxiner, Eldridge Broussard, Holly Duckworth, Shawna Schuh, David Rabiner, Alison Clarke, and Patrick Galvin.

During the chapter social we were able to connect to new speaking friends in Oregon and share our goals for the conference.  During the weekend we heard from experts like Glenna Salsbury, Lou Heckler, Larry Winget and more.  All of us take back a much longer list of friends and a “to do” list of how we will grow our businesses and out influence in the coming year.   Next time you see one of us at a chapter event don’t hesitate to ask what our 1-2 take aways were.  We’d be happy to share.

Also present at the conference were Greg Bell, Anne Louise Sterry, and Roger Courville.

We hope you will make plans to join us for 2012 in Indianapolis.


NSA Oregon’s Greg Bell attains CSP designation!

Less than 1,000 professional speakers in the world currently hold the CSP (certified speaking professional) designation. It truly is the highest professional accomplishment in our industry. Attaining the CSP truly is the demonstration of platform excellence, business management, professional education and involvement in the association. What an honor to watch Greg Bell, CSP walk across the stage to receive his medal at the recognizing greatness awards ceremony.

Congratulations Greg! Will you be the next CSP in Oregon?