Should I Speak for Free?

Should I Speak for Free?
by Jake French, Jake French Inspires

One of the toughest questions both aspiring and experienced professional speakers have to grapple with is whether or not to speak for free. Although opinions vary widely on this decision, I believe the short answer to this question is YES!

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Motivational Speaker Ron Black Helps Leadership and Sales Pros Tap Into Their Inner Superhero

What do superheroes and effective leaders have in common? Both tap into their unique powers and the powers of others to achieve success. Every sales and management professional has superpowers buried within. Great leadership requires finding those powers in oneself and others. Motivational speaker Ron Black brings out the superhero in his audiences.

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NSA in Central Oregon Oct 16

Calling all speakers and aspiring speakers in Central Oregon!

The Oregon Chapter of the National Speakers Association will be in Bend on October 16th.

Meet NSA Oregon president Kevin McCarthy, marketing speaker Kyle Sexton, and featured keynote speaker Bethanne Kronick.

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KINDNESS: A Catalyst that Connects

NSA Oregon is pleased to share with you this article by our own Linda Cohen. She was featured in the December issue of Speaker Magazine. Linda is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and serves on the board of directors for NSA Oregon.

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Can You Find Your Brand Values on Your Bookshelf?

As a speaker, you make your audience feel something — about themselves, their world, or you. And how they feel about you is what marketing experts refer to as your brand.

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After You Niche Your Speaking Business

What happens after you find and dig into a niche for your speaking business?

I’ve made a short list for you. And these aren’t from Google. This is what happened in my businesses after changing my target from “business organizations” to “proximity-based trade association executives who are changing their pricing model.” I know, it’s a mouthful.

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2 ½ Highlights from the Signal Conference

By:  Jake French

“They say I’m lazy, but it takes all my time.” In a hit song, Joe Walsh described the downward direction my marketing has taken, and I’m worried you might get lured into this seductively easy trap too. Our world only notices what is different, and after attending the Signal Conference put on by the National Speakers Association of Oregon, I will be twice as effective at using communication to advance my message and promote my brand. Read more

3 Biz Lessons from NSA’s Last Conference

A couple days ago I was on a conference call for chapter presidents that was hosted by NSA’s national president, Ron Karr. The very cool thing is that he shared some business lessons I thought I’d pass along to you.

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The Speaker Business Red Zone

By:  Sean Harry, DMIN, MDIV, MIM

Hey Speakers! Imagine yourself in this scenario: first and goal on the 10 yard line with five minutes left in the game. A touchdown will seal your victory. Now is the time to give everything you’ve got and finish strong.

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Sharing the Stage with A Champion

Submitted by Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP

The best-kept secret in the speaking profession is all the greatest in our business have a coach.  The role of a coach is someone who will help you before, during and after your talk to improve and refine its content.  When being coached you must be open to candid and honest feedback about your content, presentation style and stage presence.  Oregon NSA was proud to host the 1999 International Toastmaster of the year, Darren LaCroix. 

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Three “must-do” takeaways from content marketing

Whether you’re a new speaker or you’re a pro with a long track record, continuing to build your audience and establish your credibility is a never-ending effort.

Being my first-ever NSA meeting, I didn’t know what to expect. I was able to sit at two of the four expert sessions, but I left wishing I could have participated in all four. What follows are three ideas that any speaker would do well to heed.

The first expert session was Joshua Waldman’s ( talk about maintaining an editorial calendar for your blog. Read more

Want More Loyal Customers? Help People Trust You!

Submitted by Dr. Sean Harry

In this challenging economy it is tempting to slash prices or cut corners just to get the business. Do not (I repeat — DO NOT) go there! It’s a race to the lowest price where nobody wins. Instead, focus on the most important aspect of any business — trusting relationships! Here are 3 quick ways to build trust with another person: Read more

Ann-Louise Sterry Host Storytelling Speaker Lab

Submitted by Ann-Louise Sterry

Don’t miss tonight’s speaker lab about storytelling.

I have been telling stories for 20 years and I am still enchanted by story. As your host for tonight, I welcome you and look forward to being ‘ears’ for your story, no matter how many times you have told it before -never or hundreds!

Marvelous Meet the Pros!

From Ann-Louise Sterry

Meet the Pro’s – what a marvelous night. We had 5 excellent speakers at our event to help us grow in our businesses. I gained at least one take away from each of speakers. Came  home refreshed and ready try new strategies.

Sticky sticky sticky -now I am going to be sticky courtsey of Cathey Armillas.

“My brand – is my promise. It is about what helps my clients.” This from Dr. Sean Henry.

“Get a definite yes get a definite no or have a definite plan”  Thank you Jerry Fletcher.

“You can do it, get your book into the digital world” OK Karen Landey, I will!

We live in the age of visibility. You CAN be more visible and you don’t have to know everything yourself.Joanne McCall called my nerves with that statement.

Thank you all for sharing your time and knowledge!

Glenna Salsbury Helps NSA Oregon Celebrate Cavette Roberts Day

For the celebration of  Spirit of Cavett Day, the Oregon Chapter of NSA was honored to have Glenna Salsbury as our speaker.

Glenna brought to us the message of authenticity and connection with ourselves and our audiences. She WAS authenticity and connection,in person. Glenna shared stories of Cavett Roberts and his love of people, particularly his love of encouraging everyone he met. She WAS encouragement and love, in person.

She talked of the embracing our vulnerability, ‘sharing’ rather than ‘speaking’, being who you are and sharing from YOUR truth. Glenna embodied all of this for us.
And…gave us practical strategies and tips for “…making a difference from the platform”

I feel like she was gift to me personally, saying the words I needed to hear!

If you were there, what are your thoughts?

You can find Glenna at her web site: She is worth finding.

Anne Louise Sterry (a.k.a. Aunt Lena)

Aunt Lena’s Profile

Influence ’11 NSA National Convention

Submitted by Holly Duckworth

In the meetings industry they say, when we meet, we change the world.  At the National Speakers Association convention it was clear when the best most influential and experienced speakers in the world convene, they don’t just change the world they impact and influence lives.  Your NSA Oregon chapter had a great turn out at Influence 11 that kicked off with a chapter networking reception.  In this photo (left to right) Kellie Grill, Kathy Maxiner, Eldridge Broussard, Holly Duckworth, Shawna Schuh, David Rabiner, Alison Clarke, and Patrick Galvin.

During the chapter social we were able to connect to new speaking friends in Oregon and share our goals for the conference.  During the weekend we heard from experts like Glenna Salsbury, Lou Heckler, Larry Winget and more.  All of us take back a much longer list of friends and a “to do” list of how we will grow our businesses and out influence in the coming year.   Next time you see one of us at a chapter event don’t hesitate to ask what our 1-2 take aways were.  We’d be happy to share.

Also present at the conference were Greg Bell, Anne Louise Sterry, and Roger Courville.

We hope you will make plans to join us for 2012 in Indianapolis.


NSA Oregon’s Greg Bell attains CSP designation!

Less than 1,000 professional speakers in the world currently hold the CSP (certified speaking professional) designation. It truly is the highest professional accomplishment in our industry. Attaining the CSP truly is the demonstration of platform excellence, business management, professional education and involvement in the association. What an honor to watch Greg Bell, CSP walk across the stage to receive his medal at the recognizing greatness awards ceremony.

Congratulations Greg! Will you be the next CSP in Oregon?



Julie Morrison Show NSA Oregon How to Ignite Their Speaking Businesses

Submitted by Al Lee

It is amazing how much you can get done in 90 days! We had the pleasure this last Monday night of hosting NSA Mountain West’s Julie Morrison for a information-packed double-header session that covered how to write a book in 90 days, and how to ignite your speaking business in 90 days. The foundation of Julie’s program is her participation in a unique mastermind group that works in 90 day cycles. Each member sets a substantial 90 goal that must be approved by the rest of the group. Each member then posts a $150 bond that is forfeited if the goal is not met to the groups satisfaction. Using this method forces you to set and focus on one substantial goal each 90 days and see it through to completion!

Julie started the evening with a bonus mastermind session on how to write a book in 90 days. Julie should know – she just did it using the system outlined above. Julie started with self-publishing guru Dan Poynter’s excellent system for writing a book and combined that with a commitment to her mastermind group. 90 days later it was finished.

Julie also presented the system that she uses for setting and tracking her business goals and organizing her speaking business.

I know I came away with a lot of powerful ideas that I am starting to use already.

Thanks Julie!

Teri Hawkins Targets NSA Questions, Emphasizes “Solve Problems”

By Mitch Priestley

NSA President Al Lee introduced Teri Hawkins to a packed crowd at this month’s NSA meeting, May 9. Teri asked the audience what they’d like to receive from her, and proceeded to list and answer an eclectic set of questions spanning the gamut of issues in running a speaking business. Teri’s forte is speaking to entrepreneurs, and NSA audiences are among her favorite.

On marketing, Teri urges having a success mindset, doing the work, and limiting marketing dollars to the activities that put you face to face with potential clients. When meeting people, answer the every-day “What do you do?” question in an unusual way – with the problem you solve. The emotional response will make you different and memorable. Respond to “How do you do that?” with “First, let me learn more about you” to take an interest in others and ensure that your approach to selling is one of solving problems, not pushing what you do. Her mantra: “Never answer ‘What do you do?’ with what you do, ever again.” Read more

Toastmasters for Professional Speakers to Launch May 24

By Mitch Priestley

Just a block from NSA’s monthly meeting place, Toastmaster’s for Professional Speakers will launch on May 24, providing a peer feedback opportunity for professional speakers.  Membership will benefit professional speakers by providing a forum to present and try material, gain additional rehearsal, give and receive feedback, and become part of a close-knit group that feels comfortable recommending other speakers, based on first-hand experience.

Curriculum covers story-telling, humor, hand-outs, visual aids, gestures, body language, and vocal variety. Some speakers will share snippets of their keynotes and training, while others will offer practical tips on marketing and success in the speaking business and on the platform. Read more