Motivational Speaker Ron Black Helps Leadership and Sales Pros Tap Into Their Inner Superhero

What do superheroes and effective leaders have in common? Both tap into their unique powers and the powers of others to achieve success. Every sales and management professional has superpowers buried within. Great leadership requires finding those powers in oneself and others. Motivational speaker Ron Black brings out the superhero in his audiences.

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Michael Brand, MNO

MichaelBrand-584_rt_full-size_224pxOver 25 years in the nonprofit sector, Michael Brand has raised millions, given away millions and despite his best intentions, probably wasted a million along the way.   He knows the nonprofit community well, having lived on both sides of the street first as a nonprofit leader then as a philanthropist.  In addition to his grantmaker experience, he’s tackled every leadership role imaginable: Board Chair, Director, Fundraiser, Volunteer, Donor, Advisor.  And he’s done it not just in the USA but Europe and Australia as well. Today, Michael infuses his speaking engagements, workshops, and coaching sessions with his passion for the role nonprofits play in creating a compassionate and civil society.

Roger Courville

Roger Courville is author of The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook, expert in the human factors of web conferencing, and an internationally sought-after speaker on how to transform attention and results in live online presentations and classrooms. Since joining the web conferencing industry in 1999, Roger has reached tens of thousands both live and writing for publications such as American Management Association, National Speakers Association, Training Australia Magazine, and more. His 2008 paper “Five Keys to Moving Training Online” won’s Reader’s Choice Award for “Top Download of the Year.”

Ron Black

Ron Black speaks and consults from experience. As the founder of several companies, a four-time turnaround executive, a Fortune 500 marketing VP, and an advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives, motivational speaker Ron Black delivers ideas that enlighten, tools that energize, and skills that transform intentions into meaningful achievement.

Motivational speaker Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, CHBc

If you are ready to have your audience on the edge of their seats hanging on every word with baited anticipation, then Kevin is your guy!

With a fresh, energetic and vulnerable style, Kevin shares the triumphs and tragedies, failures and victories of his life journey to empower people to make the right choices for a positive change. From Bankruptcy to paper millionaire for a brief moment – paper and brief are the keywords – Kevin proves that “when you change the way you think, you will change your life – forever!” Discover more about Kevin McCarthy and check his availability at

Allison Clarke

Allison brings to your group an enthusiastic, unique, interactive and fun approach that shows your participants how to reach all of their potential.  Her programs are customized for your group’s individual needs. Allison researches your group to insure your needs and desires are best met.

Allison’s keynotes challenge you to think about your current reality and how to make it better. Discover ways to develop better customer loyalty and relationships.

Steven Fulmer

I believe speaking is a three sided coin of responsibility.  On one side I have a responsibility to the person who hires me to make them look good for having the courage to put their reputation on the line for me.

On the other side I have a responsibility to the audience to push, challenge, entertain, engage and spark the listeners, enticing them to the edge of something new and pushing them to have the courage to fly.

Those two side are joined by the rim of the coin and on that edge lives my content, and passion for personal and professional leadership and H.U.M.A.N. Strategies™.

As a result, I design my messages to be rich with content that lasts beyond the moment of the presentation, humorous, and filled with relevant, powerful & engaging story telling.  I have been cultivating my gift for more than 30 years in business, and I welcome the opportunity to explore the possibilities of working with you.

Sheri Fitts

Financial industry influencer. Popular social media speaker. A creative force in financial services marketing. And it all started when Sheri Fitts was five, selling her very own homemade rose-petal perfume in baby food jars, door-to-door.

Today, Sheri infuses ShoeFitts’ educational programs, marketing packages and speaking engagements with plenty of that early entrepreneurial flair. She debuted in the financial services industry as an award-winning graphic designer, progressed to participant curriculum design, and advanced to sales and marketing before stepping out on her own as a consultant and speaker.

Jake French, Turning Excuses Into Expectations for Professionals and Students

Jake French is a dynamic young speaker who is a living example of what is possible. Audiences are immediately engaged by his “to the point” examples and leave with a new set of tools to make a positive difference in their life. Jake abused alcohol, became a victim of bullying, and now spends every day in a wheelchair. He has a deep passion to show middle/high school and college students how a one second decision can change every second for the rest of your life.

Gail Tycer

Gail’s lively, can-do style and enthusiasm inspire audiences to put her practical, step-by-step techniques to work immediately. Profitably! These highly interactive, content-rich workshops and presentations are repeat favorites, producing sound ideas and workable answers. Participants receive a substantial course handbook to keep skills sharp, long after the workshop is over, and may submit written material for evaluation and suggestions at no extra cost.

Jerry Fletcher, The Networking Ninja

Jerry has been speaking professionally as “The Networking Ninja” since 1993. His pragmatic knowledge of how to combine customer relationship management with referral based sales and marketing techniques on and off-line has been gleaned from over 40 years as a Rainmaker and client satisfaction specialist. He founded Z-axis Marketing, Inc. in 1990 after leaving his CEO slot in a Portland, OR ad agency. He is a Certified Professional Consultant, author of three books, seven audio programs and four video programs.